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SIPAM is a subsidiary bodies through which the Committee on Aquaculture (CAQ) of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) operates. [more..]

IMPORTANT NOTICE Access to the SIPAM system, including data consultation, is currently available to National Focal Points only.

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2014, October
La Tunisie, capitale d'un jour de l'aquaculture méditerranéenne
En marge du Salon International de l'Investissement Agricole et de la Technologi...[more]
2014, March
FAO Global Aquaculture Production Volume and Value Statistics Database Updated to 2012
FAO has released in March 2014 the global aquaculture production volume and valu...[more]
2013, December
Conclusions of the ad hoc meeting to launch the GFCM Aquaculture Multi-stakeholder Platform
These conclusions have been developed as an outcome of the ad hoc meeting to lau...[more]
2013, December
A new multi-stakeholder platform for sustainable aquaculture in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
Izmir, Turkey - More than 60 experts, professionals and stakeholders in the aqua...[more]
2013, November
Summary of GFCM Studies & Review No. 93
Indicators for sustainable aquaculture in Mediterranean and Black Sea countries....[more]
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2014, December (9-11)
Regional Aquaculture Conference “Blue Growth in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea: developing sustainable aquaculture for food security”
The Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU, together with the GFCM of the ...[more]
2013, December (8-10) - Tipaza, Algeria
Third subregional workshop on aquaculture in the North African
Atelier Sous-régional de formation sur les techniques modernes de gestion et de ...[more]
2012, October (17-19) - Izmir, Turkey
Offshore Mariculture 2012
The fourth Offshore Mariculture Conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel Izmi...[more]
2012, October (8-11), Monastir, Tunisia
Journées sous régionales de l`aquaculture dans les Pays de l`Afrique du Nord
The agenda of the event "Journées sous régionales de l`aquaculture dans les Pays...[more]
2012, September (19) - Bergen, Norway
The workshop: “Best Practice Guidelines for spatial planning to integrate fisher...[more]

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