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2013, December (8-10) - Tipaza, Algeria

Third subregional workshop on aquaculture in the North African

Atelier Sous-régional de formation sur les techniques modernes de gestion et de développement de l’aquaculture adaptées au contexte du grand Maghreb

The third subregional workshop on aquaculture in the North African countries will be organized and funded by the FAO’s subregional Office for North Africa (Tunis, Tunisia) and hosted by the Government of Algeria in Oran, Algeria in December 2013. The aim of the workshop is to revise the status of the aquaculture in the subregion, highlighting the technical, institutional, legal and financial strengths and weaknesses that characterize the sector and to support cooperation among member countries of the subregion (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania), through the identification of mechanisms for expertise exchange and for the development of appropriate regional policies to be used for the promotion of sustainable aquaculture development.

Information (PDF)
Contact: Cherif.Toueilib@fao.org

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