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2013, May

GFCM Studies & Review No. 93

Indicators for sustainable aquaculture in Mediterranean and Black Sea countries. Guide for the use of indicators to monitor sustainable development of aquaculture.
Fezzardi D., Massa F., Àvila‐Zaragoza P., Rad F., Yücel‐Gier G., Deniz H., Hadj Ali Salem M., Hamza H.A., Ben Salem S.
Studies and Reviews. General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean. No. 93. Rome, FAO 2013. 60 p.

The document has been published and the PDF (version before printing) is available for consultation by clicking here.

Mediterranean and Black Sea aquaculture plays an important social and economic role in the GFCM region. The sustainability of the sector is increasingly challenged by old and emerging issues which require innovative measures to address the economic, social, environmental and governance aspects involved. An appropriate way of measuring and monitoring progress towards the sustainability of the sector is the use of indicators. This Guide on the application of indicators for sustainable aquaculture in Mediterranean and Black Sea countries attempts to meet the need for a decision support tool for monitoring the sustainable development of aquaculture in all its dimensions, based on a set of practical indicators and reference points. It draws elements from the literature, from the outputs of the “Indicators for Sustainable Development of Aquaculture and Guidelines for their Use in the Mediterranean” (InDAM project) carried out in support to the GFCM CAQ Working Group on Sustainability in Aquaculture (WGSA) and funded by the European Union, as well as from other recent regional initiatives. The Guide covers a wide range of topics related to aquaculture sustainability, including its general background, purpose, main target users and inspiring principles. After an introduction to aquaculture and to the main issues linked to the concept of sustainability and its dimensions from an aquaculture perspective, it presents the definition and use of indicators in aquaculture within a sustainability analysis framework and describes the participatory process to identify, select and use indicators as well as the methodology applied for assessing and displaying the values of indicators. This document also provides an overview of other uses of indicators within the aquaculture sector. Finally, it provides, for reference, a glossary of the main technical terms as well as a minimum set of regional indicators to assess and monitor the sustai

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